Pipe Fitters

Pipe Fitters

Pipe Fitters plan, install and maintain pipe systems and supports as well as hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. This includes securing pipes to walls and fixtures and often involves spending long periods of time in hot and confined spaces.

Pipe Fitter Responsibilities:

  • Inspecting the workplace, clearing obstructions and preparing materials and equipment.
  • Studying blueprints and planning pipe systems and related equipment installations.
  • Using a variety of tools to modify pipes to specifications.
  • Measuring and marking pipes for cutting and threading.
  • Assembling and welding pipe components and systems.
  • Securing pipes to walls and fixtures with brackets, clamps, and welding equipment.
  • Ordering required materials such as pipes, hangars, brackets, hydraulic cylinders, etc.
  • Repairing and maintaining pipe systems, supports, and related equipment.
  • Clearing pipe systems of obstructions and testing their functionality.
  • Complying with relevant codes and regulatory standards.

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