Hydro Test Supervisor

Hydro Test Supervisor

Responsible for the supervision of hydro testing works for gas pipelines. The works consist of cleaning, filling, testing, gauging, dewatering, drying and caliper survey for gas pipeline.

Job Duties and Tasks

  • The Hydro test Superintendent is responsible to ensure the construction of the systems is completed in accordance with prescribed information prior to pneumatic and hydrostatic pressure tests being carried out for all test packages.
  • Prepare technical report, lists of outstanding items on a punch list submits it for construction to carry out the required test.
  • Monitors the hydro testing (hydrostatic and pneumatic) and handle reports on the completion of tests and to supervise line cleaning after hydro test.
  • Responsible for the examination of systems to ensure completeness, punch lists preparation, and readiness for hydro tests activities.
  • Interfaces with equipment, piping, instrumentation, electrical inspectors, civil/structural inspectors, field engineer and other field superintendent before proceeding for hydro tests of systems.
  • Interfaces with the clients Quality Assurance representative for his presence at the test.
  • Reviews the documentation relevant to the systems and ensures the systems are constructed in accordance with the prescribed information drawings, specifications and vendor information.
  • Coordinates with Project Manager and supervise the preparation of test activity to ensure all deficiencies are identified and punch lists are prepared
  • When the systems are to be tested, ensures the systems limits are identified, that necessary test equipment sin place and reviews completion of punch list items to ensure hydro tests may proceed.
  • Coordinates and monitors the hydro tests and reports on the completion of hydro tests.
  • Interfaces with the Discipline Planning Teams to understand the construction schedule. Assesses the impact of inefficiencies on the successful completion of planned activities and adjust the plan as required.

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